HTML with in-line Razor

This little gotcha keeps biting me in the ass every time I move away from Razor for a while. So I’ve decided to blog so this time I’ll remember.

When you want to insert some razor syntax in-line within a HTML tag. Make sure you include the @ delimiter on any further statement.

Following example attempts to add a class based on a bool value in the model.

The class show does not render:

<div class="@if(Model.Show) { Html.Raw("show") }"> 

The Html.Raw helper method is returning a MvcHtmlString however it will not output the value unless you tell it to by prefixing the statement with @. Now it renders !

<div class="@if(Model.Show) { @Html.Raw("shoe"); } }">

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EPiServer Technical Architect & Founder of Hidden Foundry

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