EPiServer Forms – Quick Start

I was asked once by a client to build some functionality that allowed editors to create forms on the fly without developer effort. EPiServer did the work for us. Here’s an overview on Forms.

Out of the box EPiServer Forms boast the following form elements ready to use:

  • Text, Text Area, Number, DateTime, Range, Url, Rich text
  • Selection, single/multiple choice
  • Image, File uploads
  • Hidden Values, Hidden Visitor Profiling
  • Captcha, Recaptcha
  • Form, Submit, Reset buttons.

All in all, covers most scenarios.

To get started:

  1. Install EPiServer.Forms package via NuGet in Visual Studio
  2. A new tab called Forms will appear in your assets pane alongside Media and Blocks tabs
  3. Click the create new form button in the Forms tab
  4. Once you’ve populated some details about your form, Create it and then you will see a new Forms Elements section in the Forms Tab. From here you can drag over what you need into the form.
  5. At the very minimum you should drag the Submit button over to allow a user to submit the form.
  6. The form itself in the settings tab allows you to add a list of email recipients for where the form data will be sent to.
  7. The form is block based and thus must be dragged into a Content Area for it to be used.

This is your basic form done. Within that you can configure all the out of the box form elements. There are lots of options such as setting Required flags, range limits, regular expressions and even formats.

EPiServer documentation as a create selection of how-tos for different types of forms: http://webhelp.episerver.com/latest/addons/episerver-forms/form-examples.htm

Published by Surjit

EPiServer Technical Architect & Founder of Hidden Foundry

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