Episerver – The Find user interface is currently not available, please try again later.

There could be numerous reasons why this Episerver Find error message pop ups for you. Your Find nuget packages could need reinstalling. Maybe you forgot to include the index details in the web.config? or your index itself is expired. For me, my adblocker extension in Chrome was blocking any communications to the Find Index. TurnContinue reading “Episerver – The Find user interface is currently not available, please try again later.”

Umbraco 8 Reset back office password on local

Since Umbraco 7.7, gone are the old ways you can reset your password by simply updating directly against the DB. Clear passwords no longer works and the admin tool created for easily doing this needs an update too since time of writing this post. Here’s what you can do in the mean time if youContinue reading “Umbraco 8 Reset back office password on local”

Simple Styling of EPiServer Forms

Prior to EPiServer Forms 4.5, we were forced to inject in our own styling by editing the less files. This often resulted in breaking functionality where javascript were dependant upon these base CSS classes. EPiServer last year changed this by binding javascript to data attributes freeing us from styling shackles. This article is for thoseContinue reading “Simple Styling of EPiServer Forms”

EPiServer Forms – Quick Start

I was asked once by a client to build some functionality that allowed editors to create forms on the fly without developer effort. EPiServer did the work for us. Here’s an overview on Forms. Out of the box EPiServer Forms boast the following form elements ready to use: Text, Text Area, Number, DateTime, Range, Url,Continue reading “EPiServer Forms – Quick Start”

Exception: Cannot find compilation library location for package ‘Microsoft.AspNetCore’

System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot find compilation library location for package ‘Microsoft.AspNetCore’ Most likely you’ve upgraded your aspnetcore version and you have not cleared the existing files before deployment. If you’re using Azure DevOps as your build and release server you can enable “Remove Additional Files at destination” on your release step.

AspNetCore Debugging Startup issue in Azure Web App

Whilst upgrading from AspNetCore 2.0 to 2.1, some of the StartUp configuration had changed slightly and part of the upgrade required me to refactor code into the webhost builder. However as a result I didn’t quite do everything and after deploying to azure web app, I was hit with a 502 response. An exception beingContinue reading “AspNetCore Debugging Startup issue in Azure Web App”

AspNetCore 2.1.3 + Azure Web App + 502.5 Error

Anyone updating to AspNetCore 2.1.3 to an Azure Web App may want to hold off. Azure Deployments hasn’t been updated yet and is scheduled to be completed in a weeks time. Downgrade to Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.1.0 for now. Source:¬†https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2018/08/21/net-core-august-2018-update/

EPiServer Find Index – unknown property

This particular nugget has screwed with me for a few days. When attempting to run a standard EPiServer Find index, my log files were getting flooded with this: An exception occurred while indexing (Content): MapperParsingException[failed to parse [Blocks.Items.Blocks.Items.DefaultPrice.UnitPrice.Currency]]; nested: ElasticSearchIllegalArgumentException[unknown property [CurrencyCode$$string]]; . Contact episerver support to get them to move your index to aContinue reading “EPiServer Find Index – unknown property”