EPiServer 7.5 – Exception – More than one content model is assigned to the guid

When running an EPiServer site and you get the exception “More than one content model is assigned to the guid”. This is usually because you’ve changed a namespace. There will be a reference to the old namespace cached somewhere so do the following: 1) Clear your bin folder 2) Clear the ASP.NET Temporary files folder… Continue reading EPiServer 7.5 – Exception – More than one content model is assigned to the guid

AngularJS – Why?

Why Angular? AngularJS is written in Javascript and is a HTML compiler. It was written by developer, Misko Hevery who originally built AngularJS as a solution¬†for building HTML components with functionality. It is now a fully fledged open source framework. It allows you to build complete applications. It is very easy to learn and you… Continue reading AngularJS – Why?

AngularJS 1.4 – Declaring a Controller

I’ve been following a few tutorials that describe declaring a MainController. However the tutorials a pre AngularJS 1.3x and are no longer valid. Previous AngularJS allowed you to define a controller globally . As of 1.3x this is no longer the case and you must declare your Controllers inside angular modules. Here’s an example: var… Continue reading AngularJS 1.4 – Declaring a Controller

Javascript – Revealing Module Pattern

This Javascript pattern allows you to define a piece of code with a private scope but have it accessible with a public method. Easy to implement and simple to understand. <blockquote><code> var createWorker = function() {</code> var task1 = function() { console.log(“moo1”); } var task2 = function() { console.log(“moo2”); } return { job1: task1, job2:… Continue reading Javascript – Revealing Module Pattern

Web Performance – IIS GZip Compression

There’s nothing like performance tuning your website and watching benchmarks better themselves. Sometimes it can be tricky but fortunately this is one of the easier fixes. YSlow and Chrome Dev tools recommend gzip compression and you are looking at around a 70% reduction in file size for your static and dynamic resources. Great! So how… Continue reading Web Performance – IIS GZip Compression

Implementing UAT into Scrum

Definition of uat User acceptance testing is an a process that validates the deliverable conforms and meets the business requirements initially laid out. ¬† Proposed Agile Process with UAT This proposal introduces a period of time after the sprint has ended to allow for UAT. It provides business analysts, product owners and stakeholders to look… Continue reading Implementing UAT into Scrum

New Marie Curie ‘In Your Area’ Search Functionality

For the past two weeks here at Marie Curie we’ve been working on new functionality for searching for Marie Curie services across the United Kingdom. It has just today finally gone live and now we can serve our supporters with better information about the key services and events in their area. ‘In Your Area’ On… Continue reading New Marie Curie ‘In Your Area’ Search Functionality